3 Common Injuries for Beginner Runners and How to Avoid Them!

Welcome to running. We promise that along with this activity's super awesome health benefits comes a new set of aches and pains you may find discouraging. But not to fear! We've outlined the 3 most painful running problems and how to prevent them! #1 Runner's Knee knee-pain Runner's knee is a catchall for all sores around the knee area. It can be cause by a number of tissue issues, muscle imbalance, foot problems and more. To avoid it? Strengthen your quadriceps and glutes, helping move pressure from just your knee to your overall leg. We recommend using a foam roller to do so. Leaning into your arches after a run can fix the pain as well, while tilting you torso forward can be an in-workout method of prevention. #2 Planter Fasciitis feet The planter fascia is a fancy word for the fibrous band tissue located in your foot which stretches from your heel to your toes. Running can cause inflammation in these tissues and can be felt most after prolonged sitting or standing. Stretching is the best way to combat this problem. Stretch your lower legs and keep those feet well stretched and limber. Also, try exercises that strengthen the arches of your feet. #3 Piriformis Syndrome woman-in-jogging-outfit-with-low-back-pain The piriformis muscle stabilizes your hip joints and allows you to switch from foot to foot. Pain can travel all the way from your butt to your toes when this muscle compresses too hard on your sciatic nerve. Ouch! Glute strengthening will prevent the piriformis from getting too tight. We also recommend working your core (abs, back and pelvic muscles) to prevent irritation. woman runner jogger running What is your most dreaded running injury? Got any quick fixes to prevent it? Let us know!

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