3 Very Compelling Reasons Why You Should Stop Shaving!

Shaving can be the bane of many women's existences. Really the only benefit it holds is cosmetic, and usually it's based on your own perception of what beauty is. Shaving for someone else and not for yourself can be problematic. If you feel your man will be less attracted to you if you don't have silken legs all the time can damage your sense of self. Here's 3 reasons why shaving doesn't have to be mandatory beauty practice to be beautiful in today's culture: #1 Your hair has a purpose  2014.04.15-mrconservative-534dabc74a365 From your armpits to your privates, hair was put there for a reason. Pubic hair prevents harmful bacteria from entering your vagina. Hair in your underarms is supposed to wick away moisture in the area to increase ventilation. #2 Removing hair can be bad for you Woman Receiving a Waxing Treatment Any hair removal system (razors, waxing) can cause tiny tears in your skin. This can make you more susceptible and staph and strep infections. Ew! #3 No one who matters in your life will care article-2600074-1CF0C43F00000578-315_634x423 Your body, your decision. You don't have to conform to beauty trends for someone to love you, or for friends to accept you. Just like you don't have to wear make up if it's not your thing! Are you team hair or pro-shave? Share your opinions with us!

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