3 Easiest Exercises to a Bigger Booty

Everyone is constantly looking for ways to boost their backside and pump up those glutes.  There are many exercises and many variations of exercises that promise a rounder tush and a firmer booty but some can be confusing and even difficult to master.  The three exercises below are the simplest glute exercises that you can do and do not require much equipment at all.  You can always add weight using your t-bar, sandbag, or some dumbbells if the bodyweight exercises become too easy for you. Do each of these exercises for 3 sets of 12 (each leg). Complete all of one set before moving on to the next exercise. Box Step Up boxstep up01262015 09601262015 095 Lying Glute Bridge glute-birdge01262015 104 Elevated Split Squat split squat    

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