3 Easy Steps To Eating Healthy

Eating healthy, can be the hardest part for some when you're trying to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. How many times have you opened your fridge to find you totally forgot about all the salad you bought last week when you swore that you were turning over a new clean-eating leaf? Luckily, a recent study found that you can change your ways with 3 simple steps called the C.A.N. method: make healthy foods convenient, attractive and normal.


When we're in a hurry or starving, we're more likely to eat whatever is easiest. The study recommend making healthier options more convenient to see, order, pick up, and consume. So try this: pre-cut veggies in a container at the front of your fridge, pre-cook a batch of chicken breasts then place them in individual serving containers, or put a bowl of fresh fruit on the table by your door. It's grab and go the healthy way.


"Pretty" food just tastes better—that's a scientific fact, according to the Cornell Food Lab. So it's no surprise that people prefer to munch on food that looks appetizing. At home, put healthy food in pretty bowls or on fun platters and pay attention to how you're serving yourself. You're worth it!


We are creatures of habit. We prefer foods that are normal to purchase, order and eat. This doesn't mean you can't broaden your palate horizon to learn to love new foods or healthier versions of your favourite foods. The trick is to make it part of your routine. Try adding a new item to your menu at one meal each day!

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