3 Excuses That Keep You Stuck In a Toxic Relationship

It can take time to realize the difference between what is a healthy, happy, sustainable relationship and what is one that is damaging, stressful and totally not worth it. You may make excuses for your partner's behaviour, or blame yourself for your unhappiness. You keep thinking it's going to change, and things will get better, but you know in your heart that just isn't true. Here are 3 excuses we sometimes make when we can't seem to let go of a toxic relationship: 1) "We have history." You've invested time in this person. A lot of time. And they've become your life path. But history doesn't matter if that person treats poorly, so it's time to rewrite your destiny and move on. 2) "We used to have a really good time together." Used to. Don't get caught up in waiting for your partner to become who he once appeared to be a long time ago. If your love has become toxic, chances are you will not awake one morning to find everything is back the way it was when you first met. 3) "If I leave him, maybe I won't find anyone better...or anyone at all." This is a huge fear for many people. Uncertainty, the fear of an unknown future, can hold you back. But taking a risk on happiness, love and joy is so much better than sticking around in a hurtful, harmful and unhappy relationship. Even if you're on your own for a little while, at least you will be free and able to figure out what you truly want in life. Share with us how you moved on from a toxic relationship!

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