3 Incredible Tummy Toning Yoga Poses For Any Level!

Practicing yoga regularly is a great way to improve your flexibility, bone health and immunity. One of the amazing things about yoga is that you can also target specific areas (like your stomach) with poses. Here are 3 poses that can be done by beginners or masters that will leave you with a more toned tummy in just one week: 1) Boat Pose From a seated position, lift your legs and balance on the bones beneath the flesh of your butt (aka sit bones). Engage your core to support your lower back, and draw your heart towards your thighs to keep your spine straight. For beginners, you can modify this pose by placing your palms beneath your knees and bending your legs. 2) Eagle Arms Sit-Ups Lying flat on your back, bring your legs up and hook your right thigh on top of your left keeping your right ankle behind your left calf. Hook your right arm underneath your left, extending your palms and heels away from each other. As you inhale, draw your elbows and knees together. Exhale and draw them away. Complete 10 reps, cross arms and legs the opposite way and repeat for another 10 reps. 3) Forearm Plank Lying on your stomach, engage your core as you bring your chest, belly and thighs off the mat. Hold this position as you keep engaging your lower abdominals and inner thighs while your toes remain grounded. Try each of these poses and let us know your results! Which yoga pose is your all time favourite? Source: Elle UK   

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