3 Key Reasons Why All Runners Should Strength Train

If you're a runner who fears a trip to the weight room will bulk you up and slow you down, you're not alone. This fear causes many runners to shy away from strength training, but there's no evidence to suggest it's true. Here's a run down of why runners should get lifting to improve their lean body mass:
  • Get Faster - Weight training can turn you into a speed demon! Plyometrics (fast, explosive workouts) work several muscles at once in a short time frame. Try jump squats with dumbbells that work your abs, butt and legs. Adding these effective workouts into your routine gives you the surge of power you need to reach the finish line faster!
  • Run Smoother For Longer - Just like a vehicle, your body needs proper care for better fuel economy. Investing in strength training will improve your race time by 8% so you can last longer without needing a pit stop.
strength training
  • Prevent Injuries - Stronger muscles make injuries less common, and less severe. By maintaining muscle strength, you're insuring a better, safer run every time.
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