3 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks to Try!

Uh-oh. You woke up late for class or work-AGAIN! But, wait-you have got to do something about that hair! Have no fear-thanks to the amazing world of Pinterest, we have 3 options that you can try out to help save your tresses when you are on the go! 1. The No Fuss Updo. This is so simply, but very classy. I can imagine wearing this bun out to a date or even to a business meeting. It is so versatile and timeless! See full directions here! ForSia-6   Image: Yoga by Candance   2. The Slip-Knot Pony. For all the girls who have ever lost or popped a ponytail loop, this one is for you. Sometimes, mine go missing. Other times, I think my son eats them. Either way, here is a fabulous pony in which no loops, pins, or barettes are needed :) See full directions here! ForSia-6 Image: Irrelephant-Blog 3. The Headband Tuck. I own maybe 3,482 headbands.. I stopped counting! But this little do' is fabulous for a quickie hairstyle on a first date. All you need is a headband! This style also reminds me of the Great Gatsby. See directions here! ForSia-6 Image: Total Beauty Featured image source: The Hair Razor I ditched shampoo 5 months ago and I am loving what it has done to my hair. Want to know why? Click the image below! Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code

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