3 Mistakes That Actually Make Your Protein Shake Bad For You

Protein shakes are my holy grail when it comes to my diet. They provide me needed energy and help keep my weight in check, especially when I make them for breakfast. But a protein shake is only as good as the ingredients you put in it, so here are 3 major mistakes people make when it comes to creating a good-for-you shake!

#1 Using The Wrong Protein 

The type of protein you use depends on how you intend to consume your shakes. For a post-workout fix, whey protein is key. But as a meal replacement, it could leave you feigning bad-for-you foods instead of filling you up. Casein and soy are proteins you simply want to avoid for their reactivity and thyroid damaging properties. Try non-soy, non-dairy powders from cranberry, chia, rice or even defatted beef protein.


#2 Using Powders With Bad Ingredients 

Many powders are manufactured with tons of excess sugar and preservatives! Check your labels and look for powders with no more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 calorie serving.

#3 Making Your Shake A Treat 

It's not a milkshake! You can make a protein shake taste good without adding sugar or sugary milks and nut butters. Go with fresh fruit for a little sweet kick, or honey.


Share your favourite protein shake recipes with us!

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