3 Moves to Master the Pull-Up

Recently I began a pull up challenge.  The goal was to be able to do 5 pull-ups by the end of the month.  I started researching scientific studies on the exercises that would allow me to get to one pull-up much less five. Although the go-to exercise was the lat-pulldown, research shows that most people do this exercise incorrectly and that it does not benefit them in their pull-up abilities.  However, there are more efficient exercises that could be used and currently I am at three complete dead hang pull-ups. Equalizer Pull-ups: Use your equalizer and do pull-ups. You can add a weighted plate to your stomach to make these harder and give you more strength in your pull-ups equalizer pullup Negative Pull-ups: Start standing on a bench or chair where you are eye level with the pull-up bar.  Grab on to the bar and place yourself in the position you would be in at the top of a pull-up.  Slowly lower yourself down, release, get back on the chair and start again. negative Isometric Pull-ups: Again Start standing on a bench or chair and place yourself in the top of a pull-up position.  This time hold yourself for 5-15 seconds before lowering yourself down to the floor and starting again. pull up

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