3 Protein Mistakes You're Making That Are Ruining Your Workouts!

Protein can make you lean, strong and toned but only if you let it. A lot of people are making these 3 common, but detrimental mistakes when it comes to protein in their diet. If you're wondering why you're not shedding pounds, we've outlined the mistakes you could be making! #1 Eating the Same Protein Sources You need to mix in a wide variety of protein sources in your meals. It's vital to get all nine amino acids into your system, plus all the added vitamins and nutrients that come from different protein rich foods. For example, greek yogurt is protein rich and probiotic filled. Wild salmon has 25% more protein than conventional supermarket salmon plus omega-3 fatty acids. And finally quinoa has muscle building protein and amino acids to keep you going! #2 Just Getting Protein from Bars As mentioned above, your diet should be rich in all varieties of protein from meats, beans, veggies and dairy. Sure bars are super convenient, but most are equivalent to snacking on a candy bar! From fake ingredients to sugar, it's better to eat the real deal when it comes to protein (e.g. food). #3 Not Pairing Protein with Carbs Exercise breaks down the fibers in your muscles. In particular, high intensity workouts and strength training can require a lot of recovery and repair for the muscles. Amino acids help repair and grow muscles, giving you strong, fit and toned arms and legs. Combining protein with carbs is the ideal blend for optimal muscles repair. Athletes like chocolate milk as a post-workout drink because it is loaded with carbs and protein. What are your favourite high protein recipes? What is your go-to protein and carb drink/snack? Share your thoughts and ideas with us!  

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