3 Reasons A Social Media Vacation Can Benefit Your Mental Health

You don't realize your dependency on social media until you spend a few days away from it. Coming back from a three day break after spending a wonderful weekend with family, I have noticed that letting myself eat delicious food without Instagramming it, or playing with my dog without Snapchatting it, was a nice vacation. Here are 3 reasons why taking time to "unplug", even for one day, can benefit you.   #1 You won't get bogged down with the drama of others  Even if what they're posting isn't directed to you, you are still involved because you are reading it. Taking a break lets you focus on your life and happiness. Scrolling through the emotional roller coaster of someone else's life doesn't. #2 You stop doing things just to impress social media Something awesome is happening and what is your gut reaction? Pull out your phone. When you're trying to capture it all for your social media audience, you aren't living in the moment. Having an amazing time at a party doesn't need to be fully documented, and having a romantic evening with your special someone doesn't require a selfie...or twelve. #3 You stop comparing yourself to others  Looking at someone's social media pictures, you inevitably have two thoughts. "I'm way better then they are" or "They are way better then I am". Even if we don't admit it, social media makes us constantly compare our life to the lives of others. And it is a very unhealthy behaviour. What are some tips you have for unplugging? What are the benefits you have noticed from taking a social media mini-vacation?    

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