3 Reasons to Stop Pinning Quotes, and Start Living to Be Quoted!

I'm guilty of repinning every inspirational, motivational quote that pops up on Pinterest. "Opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!" "Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today!" Most of these are set with a graphic of falling leaves in the background, or a girl letting of a balloon. And they are always hilariously misquoted, mostly they are attributed to Marilyn Monroe. The truth is, these quotes might give you a slight burst of life changing food for thought, but eventually after about 5 minutes we're pinning pictures of puppies in bumble costumes and forgetting all the knowledge we just learned. Successful people rarely collect motivational quotes, they may squirrel one away for a rainy day, or have one they absolutely live by, but they usually find inspiration in other areas of life. Here are 3 compelling reasons to stop pinning, and start doing! #1 Reading means memorizing, doing means learning.  Getting out in the world and having your own experiences teaches you much more than reading something ever will. Your life lessons come from, well, life. Travel, meet people, dance, love, cry and laugh, and than do it all over again. #2 There is more behind a quote than meets the eye.  Often these quotes are taken out of a greater context and could have an underlying meaning that isn't interpreted properly by a one sentence excerpt. So don't trust what you think Mark Twain meant in that snippet, read the actual work it came from. #3 Don't follow guidelines.  There is no need to seek guidance from other people's thoughts and opinions. Create your own reality, values and rules. Be the person people come to to find out life lessons, not the person searching for them. Where do you find motivation? What is your inner mantra? Share your thoughts with us!

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