3 Reasons Why Working Out At Night Can Help You See Faster Results

Morning workouts get all the glory. And when you really think about it, you can understand why. There is something very impressive about a person who can get up before dawn, crush a workout while snapping sunrise selfies and still have time to sit down and enjoy a healthy breakfast (like one from the BodyRock Meal Plan) before heading off to work. It is a great way to live life -- if it works for you. But not everyone is a morning person. Not everyone can fit this type of activity into their morning and that's okay too! There are, in fact, some major benefits to working out at night. inpost3 So, if you'd rather break a sweat after dark, here is some of the good that can come your way:

1. You'll work out harder

Research has suggested that we can work 20% longer in the evenings and at a higher intensity level. Performance levels peak 11 hours after waking for people who sleep later in the morning, says a new study from the University of Birmingham in England. Even early risers did better a little later in the day, showing the best aerobic performance 6 hours after waking. When you can push yourself harder and longer, you will see results a whole lot faster! [bctt tweet="3 Reasons Why Working Out At Night Can Help You Tone Up Faster"] motivate3

2. You'll tone up faster

Muscle function and strength are at their highest in the P.M. and the fluctuation of certain hormones may make these late-in-the-day workouts more effective. In the mornings, we have higher levels of cortisol that inhibit muscle growth. But, later in the day, we have higher levels of testosterone that help promote muscle growth, according to  Heather Webb, a kinesiologist at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. inpost

3. You'll sleep more deeply

Working out boosts energy levels so it has to be a nightmare for sleep, right? Not really. Swiss researchers found that those who went to bed 90 minutes after a hard workout had a more restorative sleep. A study published in Sleep Medicine reported that only 2% of vigorous exercisers said working out disrupted their sleep while 30% said they slept better after a good sweat session. Sleep is an underrated factor in the fitness game. Getting a solid night's sleep is essential for the repair and recovery of your muscles. If you don't give your body time to rest, you will not see gains. inpost4   Want a workout you can do any time of day? SweatFlix℠ is the place for you! With over 80 hours of on demand workouts, you can smash your favorite BodyRock workout any time you want! With new and exclusive content being added all the time, you'll always find exactly what you are looking for! What time of day do you prefer for your workouts? Source: SELF

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