3 Simple Ways to Change Your Relationship with Food

At BodyRock, we know that changing your diet is not as easy as a half-weight Deadlift. We've all been through it...tossing out hidden Kit-Kats from your sock drawer, saying "no" to extra Crunch Berries on your Cap'n Crunch. Our bad eating habits have become rituals...like peeing in the shower or chewing the end of our braids. We have news for you: you CAN release yourself from your carefully crafted mental pathways. What's more, you won't think twice about the foods you used to eat. You'll sniff once at a plate of glistening pastries and thumb your nose, like Rihanna at a Beyoncé-centric awards ceremony. We simply do not consider what we're putting into our bodies. In a recent survey, we discovered a third of our sampling spell "food" with a "u"! Here are 3 easy ways you can adjust your thinking TODAY around how you stuff your face:

1. Sit at that flat thing in your house that has all your unopened mail on it.

Simply sitting at the....um....table (we think it's pronounced "tab-leh") can dramatically change how you consume your meals. A recent study by the Harvard Medical School reveals that there's a link between weight gain and eating dinner in front of a screen. Our devices distract us from chewing properly and knowing when we're full. Try putting that $%*# away for just 20 minutes a night. Sure it might be boring af for the first few minutes, but that's only because your internal monologue (um...or your ability to relate to other humans) is rusty. Best of all, you'll be thinking about...you guessed it: fud. Gah! We mean: food.

2. Pack food into several little containers and open them when you're hungry.

It's like an advent calendar that just gives and gives all day long! It's like a surprise birthday present every day of the year! It's astonishing how many people say they pack their lunch, but when it comes down to it they use the "grabbing lunch" excuse to stand in line and check their Tinder matches. Don't be that guy! Making yourself a healthy meal in the evening and bringing leftovers to work will remind you of your school days. Be your own Mom! Or, even easier, let Lisa nurture you on your nutrition journey, by trying out try our unique BodyRock Meal Plan.

3. Shop with a list of ingredients and follow guidelines when you cook.

We hear these are called recipes. You'd be surprised how few people use 'em. Think about it: when was the last time you looked up a recipe and created a shopping list? Far too often we slap a couple of sweaty cheese slices between two pieces of white bread and fry that sucker on the ol' Teflon. Follow a recipe just one night a week and find that you actually enjoy thinking about food for part of your day! Want more recipes and an excellent shopping list? It's all laid out for you here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMXqDyltA88

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