These 3 Smoking Hot Fitness Models Reveal Their Biggest Diet Secrets!

Food fitness doesn't start with the gym, it starts with what you fuel your body with before your workout. These 3 fitness competitors reveal their best diet advice for achieving your goals, losing weight and getting the most out of your exercise regime!   #1 Consistency is Key Tiffany Gaston is a top fitness model and mother of 3. She insists that keeping a consistency in your diet is the best way to push harder, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “When you eat healthy day in and day out it’s not difficult to stay on track.” Tiffany tells Muscle and Fitness. The busy mom follows a rich diet by consuming fish which contains Omega-3s, nuts for heart health, dark leafy greens for folate and green tea for antioxidants. #2 Eating Clean and Healthy Doesn't Mean Eating Plain Bikini competitor Lori Harder  eats a clean and nutrient-rich diet, but her food is far from boring! “When you love the food you eat, it’s easy to stay fit and healthy!” Lori explains. She was surprised when she began experimenting in the kitchen and found that she could make delicious creations that were totally clean. #3 Changing Your Attitude Can Change Your Diet  “People think that diet is boring and can’t be fun, but it can be very enjoyable if you change your attitude." says Siliana Gaspard, a New York based bikini competitor. "See it as something that you are doing for yourself, to be better and to accomplish something that is new and exciting!” The hot mama maintains her rocking bikini bod by following a clean diet, avoiding cheat meals and drinking lots of water. What are your top tips for sticking to a diet? Share your clean recipes and ideas with us!  

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