3 Steps To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Women aren’t the only ones with boobs these days. A condition called gynecomastia or in lemans terms “man-boobs” have been popping up in epidemic proportions. A man gets boobs from not working out or being inactive, instead of just getting a beer belly men are now acquiring man boobs too.

Man-boobs are not something a man wants to flaunt or showoff to other men and women. Luckily if you change your diet, start to exercise and do a few specific chest exercises you can say goodbye to your man boobs.


Follow these Three Steps to get rid of man-boob:

Chest Exercises

Start with incorporating these chest exercises into your routine, do 3 or 4 sets, 3 or 4 times a week.

Pec Dec Fly- Use barbells and hold arms out straight out like the letter “T” then close your arms to meet, keeping them straight, reverse back to the letter “T” and repeat. Do 15 to 20 reps in each set.

Renegade Rows- Any rowing exercise will be great to get rid of “moobs” but this one is especially good. Start in plank position and start on the right side, row a dumbbell up to your chest and bring back down, switch and row the other side, that counts as one. Do 15-20 reps in each set.

Dumbbell Bench Press- Lay on the bench with dumbbells in hands, start with elbows bent and push weights up and together bring back down and start again. Do 15 to 20 reps in each set.

Push-up- I know they suck and are super hard but push-ups work your chest so well and the more you do the better your chest will look. Do 15-20 in each set, if you are just starting out try 3 sets of 10 and work up from there.

Doing these chest exercises alone won’t give you that Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing chest you have always been looking for you also need to start incorporating cardio into your life as well.


Cardio is so important in getting rid of fat including the fat that makes up man boobs. Cardio burns fat, even going on an hour walk will burn 300-400 calories. You will need to start doing some form of cardio say goodbye to the man-boobs. Some great cardio exercises where you burn a lot of calories are running and spinning which each burn 600 calories an hour.

Change your Diet

Changing your diet is probably the most important part of your new routine. I know that diet is usually the hardest part, but take baby steps to get on a good track. A candy bar has 250-300 calories in it and it would take you 30 minutes of running to burn off or an hour of walking. If you start to think about the foods you are consuming and how many calories those food have and if they are giving you any energy or fuel for the day, you will start to see how certain foods negatively affect you and cut them out.


If you follow these three steps you will no longer have man-boobs, by changing your sedentary lifestyle you can improve your health, your body and even get rid of your man-boobs.

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