3 substitutions for carb lovers

Say it with me: You NEED carbs. Yes, you heard right: YOU NEED CARBOHYDRATES! Except that when people talk about carbs they are often  referring to "junk carbs" made of processed grains in breads and baked goods, rice, and white starches. Those you can do without because they hold no natural nutritional value and spike blood sugar dramatically. However, everyone needs healthy carbs for natural energy production and brain function; this is especially true if you exercise intensely and/or regularly. You like bread...um, hello, who doesn't? bread is delicious! Bread is a trigger food for most. Save pitas and wraps for especially active days. Try: baked sweet potato.  You can put anything on a baked sweet potato and it will taste awesome- low fat tuna salad, mayo-free egg salad, scrambled egg whites and sardines are 4 of my favorites.  Make sure the sweet potato you choose is 4 oz or less per serving. You eat rice- There is nothing inherently wrong with rice; it is a grain after all but things get weird when it's been processed and blanched to white. At that point it has been stripped of all its good stuff and offers a big sugar rush that it can cause long term problems with regular consumption( hello, type 2 diabetes!) Try: cruciferous vegetables. Your less bloated self will thank me if you switch your rice habit for some steamed cauliflower and broccoli. Again, save brown rice and quinoa for especially active days and keep it to a half a cup or less per serving. You miss flour...see #1. Try: Egg whites. The incredible, edible egg white is very  versatile and can be whipped into anything to simulate a baked dessert or breakfast food. Not to mention that almond and coconut flour can also be added to give you the chewy mouthfeel you crave. *Be sure to add plenty of moisture when using either flour as they tend to soak up all liquids.

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