The 3 Surprising Health Reasons Why Your Food Cravings Won't Quit

I wish I could say I was someone who was able go out to dinner, simply order a salad or some wispy chips and dip and call myself satisfied. I wish I could go out dancing with friends and not have my mind solely fixed on getting home, getting out of my tight dress and making myself the world's best sandwich. But sadly, my hunger is ever present and my eating habits sometimes rival that of my male friends. If you can relate, here are the 3 main reasons for your insatiable hunger: #1 Your Hormones Are Too High There's a condition called hyperthyroidism which can lead to a constant hungry feeling. It is caused by your thyroid gland becoming overactive, and sending your hormones into super speed. You burn up energy faster then normal, and you're left with those intense food cravings. It can also cause anxiety, sweating, hair changes and changes in your period. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned. #2 You're Filling Up On Processed Foods Processed foods like frozen dinners, white bread and boxed crackers are filled with added sugars and chemicals which leave you wanting more. Added sugar causes your blood sugar level to spike, and then crash hard and fast. Keeping processed foods out of your diet can help stave off hunger pains. #3 You Have A Supercharged Metabolism Totally natural, a high metabolism means you burn up your fuel faster than others and need to refill more frequently. It is estimated that 32% of people have a higher than average metabolic rate. What are some tricks you use to fight off food cravings? Share your tips with us! Try our Fat Burn Challenge and see if it helps fight off your food cravings!

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