3 Tips for Couples Who Want To Try Working Out Together

Exercising with the one you love can increase your drive while encouraging you and your partner to try new routines! You will also build and maintain a closer bond by being each other's workout buddy. So here are 3 tips for beginners who want to try working out together! #1 Be a Great Supporter Be encouraging of all your partner does, and cheer on their progress whether it's big or small in your mind. Keep the compliments flowing and remain a positive supporter. #2 Don't Criticize Just because you know how to properly use certain equipment and your partner doesn't, should be no reason to be harsh and critical with them. You want to make them feel at home and safe in the gym, or you may risk them not wanting to return. Guide them through the equipment without being negative or getting impatient. #3 Skip Long Bouts of Cardio According to a new study, the traditional long lags on the elliptical are actually more harmful to your overall fitness than helpful. Stretched out cardio workouts can pump out cortisol, which is a stress hormone. That hormone can cause excess belly fat to collect, rather than blast away. So go for a minute-long sprint on the treadmill and call it a day for cardio. I don't think your partner will mind! What are your best tips for working out with your partner at the gym? Share your thoughts with us!

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