3 Tips for Eating a Breast-Friendly Diet

Eating right is a vital component to every aspect of your wellbeing. It has been proven that breast health starts with what you eat. If you're concerned with reducing your risk of developing breast cancer, these 3 tips will benefit you greatly. Reduce Your Hormone Intake  "Instead of a plant-based diet, women have a cholesterol-based diet, which stimulates the endocrine system to produce more hormones." says Blake Cady, MD, director of the Breast Health Center at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, RI. These hormones are making women weigh more and get their period at an earlier age then ever before. Hormones that stimulate growth have been linked to breast health issues. Eating hormone-free meats is a start to reducing your risks. Most beef and poultry are raised with the use of hormones, so read labels carefully. Boost Your Soy Intake Soy is a great food for balancing your estrogen levels. Soy contains isoflavones, which aid in breast discomfort and keep your system on an even keel. "In cultures that consume a large amount of soy in the diet, women have fewer breast problems." explains Ellen Yankauskas, MD, director of the Women's Center for Family Health in Atascadero, CA. Increasing breast health means getting two servings of soy each day. Snack on some edamame, grab a bowl of miso soup or eat pure soybeans. Cut Out Caffeine Your daily cup of joe will have to become a daily cup of herbal tea. "Switching from coffee to herbal tea can help many women with breast problems because some herbal teas act as a diuretic, removing extra fluid from breast tissues," says Yankauskas. There's caffeine in sodas too, along with an array of unhealthy junk. Get rid of the soda and coffee and embrace drinking lots of purified water and teas. Try these lifestyle changes and tell us what you think!

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