3 Tips for Keeping Your Hunger In Check When Working Out to Lose Weight

Have you ever felt like the more you exercise, the more you eat? Whether you're working out to tone up or slim down, you may notice that you're eating a lot more, and not seeing the results you want. This may, in fact, be the mind games you're playing with yourself. You may think that the more you exercise, the more you're allowed to eat, or perhaps, the more nourishment your body needs to recover. dealing with hunger Are you feeling like your mind is clear, but your appetite is ravenous regardless? What you're putting in your body says a lot, too. But before you take another bite, break through the myths of what your new, active routine actually needs to get you the body you want with insight from nutritionists Stephanie Clarke, RD, and Willow Jarosh, RD, of C&J Nutrition. 1. Internal Dialogue "It's important to have the internal dialogue conversation with yourself that, unless you're training for something intense, you will be eating the same thing on days you work out versus days you don't," explains Willow and Stephanie. 2. Eat the right foods Eating a lot but still hungry? Feel more satisfied the first time. Willow and Stephanie suggest choosing foods that provide more volume than calories. These include fruits, veggies, protein and complex carbs. 3. Eat smaller meals While some people prefer to eat only three big meals throughout the day, others like to eat all day long. If this is you, consider the grazing technique, where you opt for eating smaller meals as the day goes on, so you don't mindlessly eat bags of chips or too many handfuls of nuts. Willow and Stephanie also suggest incorporating tea between meals to satisfy that desire to eat more . What ways have  you found to be helpful to keep your hunger in check when you are exercising to lose weight? Source: Popsugar  

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