3 Tricks That Keep You From Gaining 'Happy Pounds' When You're In Love

Some of us develop a pattern of gaining a few extra pounds when we settle in with someone we love. It is estimated that women will gain 7 pounds within the first year of a new relationship, while men will lose 4. So how do you prevent those happy little love handles from creeping up into your courtship? Here are 3 tricks to keep off the 'happy pounds': #1 Calm Your Anxiety New love comes with a new set of worries about intimacy, trust and fidelity. While we may not even notice that we're stressing over these things, in the back of our minds these thoughts are on a continual loop. Start an open dialogue with your partner about your fears, practice deep breathing and stress-relief rituals and use exercise as a way to combat anxious thoughts. #2 Structure Your Eating We tend to mimic the eating habits of our partner sometimes and forget that they may be larger, taller and have a faster metabolism than us. Plan your meals so your portions are sized to your needs. #3 Workout Together Don't always use Netflix and popcorn nights as your time to bond. Start running together or challenge each other at the gym. You'll both reap the benefits of a good exercise routine. What are your tricks to staying fit in a relationship? Do you and your partner workout together? Source: Mind Body Green  

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