The 3 Types of Guys To Steer Clear of When Looking For Love!

In the game of love, we all come across different players. Some players are in the game to genuinely find a soul to share their life with, while some will take a piece of your soul with them when they leave you in shambles. In order to avoid these players, it's best to recognize the warning signs. Here are the 3 major personalities to steer clear of in the game of love: #1 Mr. Too Soon Mr. Too Soon isn't who you think I'm referring too, (it's not Mr. Too Soon in the bedroom) but rather the kind of guy who says he's in love with you after a week of dating. Having a connection is one thing, but "love" is a very serious word to be dropping on the second date. Who's to say that if he falls head over heels for you in a matter of days, that he won't fall for another girl in less time? #2 Mr. Hide Away He's the guy that wants to keep your relationship on the hush hush. If it's not because of workplace regulations or another legitimate reason, then it's just plan sketchy. Keep away from Mr. Hide Away. #3 Mr. Can't Commit  You hang out all the time, and he's cool and funny. But he can't make himself emotionally available to you, no matter how many opportunities you have given him. Reality check: Mr. Can't Commit will never become Mr. Committed!   Tell us about the Mr.'s you've moved on from in the past! Share your dating horror stories with us!  

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