3 Ways to Avoid Gaining The "Office 15"

You remember the freshmen 15, that little extra poundage bestowed upon you in your early college days. Usually, due to the excess of boxed macaroni eating, 4 hour lecture sitting and the "occasional" alcohol beverage. Well, the same thing can happen to you at your desk job. 8 hours of inactivity coupled with an increase in coffee and donut consumption. Here are 3 tips on how to stop Office 15 from becoming an inevitability: 1) Healthy snacks Bring along some healthy options to munch on. Try pomegranate seeds, blueberries, roasted edamame, almonds and red peppers with hummus for dip. And try swapping coffee for a cup of green tea. 2) Get moving  Get up from your desk and go for a quick walk outside. A highly effective calorie burner is to run up a few flights of stairs. This gets your heart pumping, circulation flowing and metabolism revving! You can push things a step further by sitting on a stability ball instead of a chair at your desk. You can do mini workouts while you work. Stability balls work out your core just by properly sitting on them. They also improve your balance and make you feel more active. 3) Catch yourself snacking  Be mindful of when you're snacking mindlessly. In an office situation we sometimes eat out of boredom or tiredness. Recognize when you are really hungry, and when you are only eating for something to do. Got any tips for us about keeping fit at a 9 to 5? Let us know!

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