3 Ways to Build a Healthy, Strong and Loving Relationship

Finding someone to love is only the first hurdle in creating a meaningful, strong and satisfying relationship. Once you have established that yes, you two are together, the real work begins in keeping your love from fading, failing or falling apart. How is it that some couples last, and others falter? What are the real secrets to making love work no matter what? Does love truly concur all, or is it partnership that keeps people together? Here are 3 important pillars in any relationship that may help ensure a strong and connected future:


Having respect isn't as easy as it sounds. Often times the word is mistaken with love, because we think because we love someone we obviously hold respect for them. But respect means giving each other space, understanding your partner's character to the core and honouring that they will ultimately make their own decisions no matter how many times you tell them your opinion.

Living In The Now 

A lot of times we get caught up in how things used to be. Maybe when you first met, you always had time to grab dinner and dance the night away. But change is the only conduit, and life throws us into different situations (new jobs, new babies) which mean we can't go back and live in those past days. Finding happiness in the reality of now is the key to remaining happy throughout life.

Learn What To Fight About 

Fights happen, but not all of them are necessary. Learning what is worthing of even bringing up to your partner can save a lot of time, tears and your precious vocal cords. "Not sweating the small stuff" can free you from stress and tension, and looking back you'll realize that petty problems were actually not worth the fight. Do you agree or disagree with these? What are your 3 pillars of a successful relationship? Let us know!

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