3 Ways to Eat Sugar the Right Way and Still Lose Weight

No, this isn't an article about ways to eat two pieces of cheesecake for dessert every day. But, it is about how to incorporate sugar properly into your diet to aid in your weight loss goals. It's not to say you can't indulge your sweet tooth from time to time. In fact, not cutting out your cravings completely is a surefire way to ensure you don't end up with a spoon in the ice cream carton at 3 in the morning. So from the healthy sugars to the heavenly sugars, here are three ways to keep it real with your sugar intake and actually lose weight. 1. Opt for high-sugar foods around your exercise time Ingesting sugars from refined carbs like a bowl of pasta or a piece of white bread can enhance your energy levels and allow you to work out harder to burn more calories. Additionally, a team of researches from Syracuse University found that one weight training session can help decrease women's blood sugar levels by 15 percent for at least 12 hours! 2. Pair your sugar up with the good stuff: fiber, protein, and healthy fats Balance is a true factor in any healthy lifestyle. So balancing out a meal with sugar means incorporating one of these nutrients, which work to slow down the breakdown of sugar in your bloodstream, therefore allowing your body to adjust to the absorption properly, and keeping a sugar crash at bay. 3. Keep it natural Opt for foods that contain natural sugars over added sugars, simply because the natural stuff is filled with a plethora of other healthy nutrients. A donut may taste delicious, but remember it is is filled with calories, saturated fat and trans fat, while a banana contains natural sugars and is packed with potassium, which is a mineral electrolyte that inhibits the flow of electricity in your body — required to keep your heart pumping. Have you found additional ways to incorporate sugar into your diet to lose weight? Source: Women's Health  

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