3 Ways to Reduce Stubborn Face Fat

Blessed with the babyface that will make you look 30 when you're 40 but you're tired of getting carded everywhere you go or getting asked if your boyfriend is your dad? Maybe when you over indulge it goes right to your cheeks instead of your thighs. Either way, try these 3 tips to reduce the stubborn chub on your face.

Go Head to Head with Water Retention

Sugar, alcohol and salt are all culprits when it comes to fuller faces. They can all cause your body's tissues to hold on to excess water. Cut down on these three and up your water intake. When you're dehydrated your body is going to retain any water from flowing through it.

Your Hormones Are Going Cray

Right before your "time of the month" strikes, your body experiences a spike in a hormone called progesterone (which is to thank for most PMS symptoms) Your face can likely swell more during your period. If you find that you're a victim of this to an extreme - try talking to your gyno about steadying your hormones.

Check In With Food Intolerances

People with gluten allergies or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) often complain about fuller faces. Bloating is generally a sign that things aren't right with your digestive system so have your doc check it out.

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