3 Ways to Up Your Shaving Game

Do you shave down? Do you shave up? What about side ways? And why can't I just get it the first go around? From spending far too much time in the shower, wasting water and worrying about that one patch that always seems to get razor burn, shaving is a reoccurring battle for me. And I know I'm not the only one. From commercials to personal conversations, it's safe to say it causes problems for a lot of people. Well ... maybe we're all just shaving wrong. A chore we'd rather avoid than take care of, but left with no option when we realize we can't go to work with scruff or wear that dress if our leg hair is prominent, it's something we all seem to do. So, here are three surefire ways to make your routine a more pleasant, more effective process. Don't skimp on razor quality. Contrary to popular belief, all those extra blades on your razor can lead to those pesky ingrown hairs and inflamed skin you get. Steer clear of those cheap, 6-blade styles and opt for a higher quality razor. Believe me, it's bang for your buck. Make sure to exfoliate. If you want that extremely close shave, make sure to start your shaving routine by exfoliating. It removes dead skin, which can clog your razor blade, which will make you run over the same area too many times and cause irritation. Exfoliating also makes sure to raise your hair away from your skin, which allows your razor to get to the base of your hairs. Moisturizing is necessary. Leave the foam alone and choose an oil or cream instead, as foams are just filled with toxins. Moisturizing prior to shaving softens your skin, allowing for a gentler, closer shave. What types of tips can you provide for preventing annoying effects of shaving? Source: MindBodyGreen  

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