3 Ways That Social Media May Be Hurting Your Relationship

The way we interact has drastically changed over the past 10 years as social media has risen from some what of a past time to a full on facet in our everyday lives. We can't wake up in the morning without checking our phones for the latest posts. Sometimes my boyfriend and I will sit side by side and stare vacantly at our screens, each lost in our own world. Which leads me to question, could social media potentially be hurting your relationship? Here are the 3 ways that social media use could be posing a threat to you and your partner's connection: #1 You don't know your partner's passwords and he doesn't know yours.  Having space and personal control in relationships is very important, but there's a difference between space and secrecy. Knowing each other's passwords is a step towards building better trust. It doesn't mean that you'll be lurking around in their inbox trying to catch them redhanded, it means you're both ok with saying "I have nothing to hide." #2 You get upset when he doesn't "like" your photo or want to be tagged in your picture.  Some people are more private than others, so respect his choices. Being in love with someone doesn't require a saturation of affection on Instagram. He should acknowledge you are together, but he can draw the line there if he wishes. #3 You're unimpressed with how much time he spends on social media, or vice versa.  Social networking can be as addicting as anything, so make sure you know when to unplug, log out and spend actual time together. Look into each other's eyes, not at your phones. Cuddle up to your man, not your tablet! What are some ways in which you've cut back on social media? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us!      

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