3 Ways To Tell If You're Losing Weight That Don't Require A Scale!

Scales can't decipher whether we've gained muscle mass, or factor in our post-workout water weight. So why do we allow them to torture us? Here are 3 ways to tell if you're shedding pounds without stepping on the scale: #1 Do Up Your Jeans   Grab your fav pair and see how easy it is to get them on each week. If they're baggier than usual, you're dropping pounds. If they're tight or can't even make it up to your waist, that's a signal that you have some work to do. #2 Take A Selfie    A weekly selfie in your skivvies can show you a visual representation of your pound loss. You can see how your stomach is getting toned and your waist is cinching in. It will be a fun collection to have of your progress once you've reached your goal. #3 Listen to Your Body   Becoming in-tune with your body is a great way to monitor your weight loss. The scale may take it's time to show results, but feeling great on the inside is something you can measure on your own. With healthier eating habits and more exercise, you can feel yourself becoming more energized, focused, less bloated and you can see your skin clearing. Share with us your secrets to documenting your progress without the scale! Source: Shape  

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