3 Ways to Drink Alcohol on Your Diet and Still Lose Weight

One of the biggest things people think of giving up when they're trying to slim down is alcohol. From the unnecessary extra calories to too many drinks leading to late-night binge eating sessions, it seems like the most necessary habit to let go of, but a lot of people struggle with it! A glass of wine at dinner, a spontaneous happy hour, or just letting loose on a Saturday night all goes out the window. Or, maybe not! Want a reason not to fret about giving up a gulp to achieve your weight loss goals? Listen up. 1. It Triggers Your Body to Burn Calories When alcohol hits your blood stream, it pumps up your heart rate and boosts your metabolism. Harvard Medical School researchers found that this effect works for an estimate of an hour after you take that last sip of wine, and even longer if you've opted for a microbrew.   2. Your Bod Adapts to Booze When You Drink Regularly—in Moderation Do you like one or two drinks every single day? Tell the haters to lay off, because according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, women with this behavior were less likely to pack on pounds than those who opted for drinks every now and again. How come? Experts believe our bodies adapt to metabolize alcohol differently when we make it an everyday occurrence.   3. It May Help Regulate Insulin A Harvard School of Public Health study found that consuming one to two boozy beverages a day has the ability to reduce your risk of diabetes by a whopping 36 percent. This may be because the ethanol in your drink improves your body's response to insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar and stops glucose from immediately heading for your fat cells.   Do you drink one or two beverages daily and still find that you are able to lose or maintain weight? Source: Women's Health  

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