3 Ways You're Ruining Your Workout

We're all well aware that working out is important to our overall health. And some days you want to go full force forever, while other days you want to take it easy, keep it simple, or make it short and sweet. It's good to switch it up, stay on track and create a healthy relationship to exercise. But did you know there are some things you may be unknowingly doing that are actually sabotaging your workouts? ruining workout

1. Not Hydrating Pre-Morning Workout

When you go to the gym, chances are you've filled up a bottle of water to sip on as you sweat away. But did you know that along with staying hydrated throughout, it's also extremely important to do so before as well? If you're a morning person and hit the gym early, your body is most likely dehydrated after a night's sleep. Mark Peterson, Ph.D., certified strength and conditioning specialist, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Michigan University, says that it's important to replenish your body before you hit the gym, so check the color of your pee to make sure you're not dehydrated.

2. Sticking to the same old routine.

Whether you're obsessed with that yoga studio, that spin class or simply going for a morning run, it is easy to stick with what you like and what you know, but your body eventually stops responding out of straight up boredom. “We fall into workout monotony because it’s less work,” explains Peterson. It's important to switch it up, so try a different class at yoga, incorporate a new exercise into your HIIT circuit, or perhaps switch up your pace and length on cardio days.

3. Doing strength training second.

Are you the type of person who does cardio first and strength training second? The problem with that is form. If you're tired, like most people are after a decent cardio session, you're less likely to focus on lifting those weights and squatting low the right way. Are you an offender of any of these workout no-no's? Train with our trainers, where and when, you want by signing up for SweatFlix℠. With over 100 hours of workouts, including guided warm ups and burn outs, you'll never fall into a workout rut! Source: Women's Health    

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