3 Weight Loss Tips That Don't Actually Work

There are many "diets" out there that promise you amazing results in hurry. In the same vein, you've probably heard of several "tricks" that will boost your weight loss efforts. Opinions vary widely when it comes to the best way to lose weight but at BodyRock, we think the best way is the way that works for you. In general, adopting a healthy lifestyle and a healthy set of habits (that you can sustain over time), is always a wise weight loss decision. inpost If you adopt healthy eating habits and start a regular workout routine, you will change your body composition. Having said that, if weight loss is your primary goal, there are definitely some things you should avoid doing. Here are 3 weight loss tips you may have heard and should really just ignore:

1. Cut out all carbs

Cutting out any particular food group is a bad idea. It is not something you will be able to maintain. In fact, cutting out something like carbohydrates may actually backfire! Telling yourself you can never eat carbs may make you feel deprived which may lead to binge eating them down the road. And truth is, we need carbohydrates to function. When you do cut carbs, make sure they are simple, refined carbohydrates like white bread, sugar and processed foods. Get your carbs from sources like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Not all simple carbs are 'bad' for you, fruit and dairy are considered simple carbs, just eat them in moderation. Complex carbohydrates, like those found in vegetables and whole grains, are digested and absorbed at a slower pace which helps keep your blood sugar level stable and can help prevent cravings. A healthy, balanced, diet is one that includes carbohydrates. inpost2 [bctt tweet="3 Weight Loss Tips That Don't Actually Work"]

2. Skipping meals

Skipping meals will not help you lose weight. This is a common trick people use thinking it will help them get down a pound or two before the weekend rolls around. The fact is, skipping meals can have the opposite effect. When you don't eat, your metabolism slows to a crawl and you may actually gain weight as your body stores energy for what it perceives to be an impending famine. You may also find yourself feeling tired and irritable. Who wants that? When you eat at regular intervals, you keep your blood sugar levels stable, your metabolism humming, and you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function -- all things important for real, sustained weight loss.  

3. Focusing only on exercise

Some people believe that exercise is the only way to reach your goals. Exercise is essential for weight loss but it is only part of the picture. No amount of exercise will undo a diet loaded with sugar, saturated fat, and processed foods. If you are operating under the assumption that you can eat whatever you want because you are going to the gym later, the results you want will be hard to come by. Moderation and balance is the key here. Don't eat piles of junk food thinking you can stay ahead of yourself. If you need help balancing your diet, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan. The Plan includes 30 days worth of healthy meals and snacks that are not only delicious but easy to prepare. We give you a weekly grocery list so all you have to do is buy the ingredients and follow along. It also contains a nutrition guide and a recipe book with over 70 offerings! Clean eating doesn't get any easier than this! Get the Meal Plan here. inpost2 Losing weight isn't a quick and easy process. It requires time, dedication, and most importantly, patience. Don't make yourself feel miserable by looking for an easy solution. Make healthy choices every day, stay the course, and you will get the results you desire. What bogus weight loss tips have you heard?

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