3 Women Discuss The Wacky, Weird Diets They've Tried for Fast Weightloss

It seems like people will try anything to lose weight fast. We have compiled some of the wackiest diet gimmicks women have tried in an effort to shed pounds. Here are some of their real life diet nightmares: #1 The Homemade Juice Cleanse juice “About three summers ago (before it was cool, OBVI), I read about juice cleansing and tried to do one. “I didn’t have a juicer, and I just used my mom’s old blender. The kale and spinach never ground up quite right, so I ended up half drinking/half chewing nasty green mush for a week. “I did lose weight, but that could have been because my juices were so disgusting I didn’t touch them.” - Emma, 23 While juice cleanses claim to be a miracle diet, regular nutritious food and exercise can cleanse and detox your system just as effectively. It is not better for you to consume fruits and vegetables in juice form either, as juicing removes valuable nutrients. #2 The Spoon Diet spo “In college, right before spring break, my roommate and I decided to go on the Spoon Diet. We were literally allowed to eat anything that we could put on a spoon — soup, parfaits, yogurt, pudding. “You’d think it would be fun (my preferred utensil is spoon), right? But it was the most miserable two weeks of my life. “Instead of slowing down to eat, enjoying what I was eating or eating more of the right types of foods, I was literally shoveling parfait after parfait into my mouth as often as possible because I spent most of the day famished and angry at everyone." - Katie, 26 There is nothing more slimming about liquids than solids. Eating foods rich in nutrients that provide you strength and energy are what's recommended, whether on a spoon or not. #3 The Bee Pollen Diet Pile of homeopathic pills with bee pollen “I took bee pollen pills in college before going on spring break. They were amazing, and I lost 10 lbs, so I eventually started taking an extra pill… then I started blacking out randomly midday and having vertigo, and my mom found my pill bottle and the fact that it was made in China and made me swear to stop so I did. “Then I saw this last year, and that’s why I’ll never take diet pills again!” - Karen, 26 The enzymes in bee pollen are thought to act like medicines for ailments and weight loss aids, but when broken down the stomach they have little to no effect whatsoever. Consuming bee pollen can put you at risk for severe allergic reactions. Research the sources of all your supplements and their ingredients before taking them. What are the craziest things (besides our workouts) that you have done to try and lose weight fast? Tell us your weird diet tricks and who they worked or didn't work for you!

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