3 Years Of Selfies Show This Trans Teen's Amazing Transition

Jamie Raines was ecstatic the day he first started testosterone treatments to give himself a more masculine appearance. The YouTuber documented the momentous day with a candid mirror selfie, which sparked an idea for capturing his whole journey to becoming who he wants to be. jamie raines youtube "I initially intended to just do it for the first year, but then I didn't get any facial hair in my first year." Jamie explains to Buzzfeed about his selfies. transgender teens At first, Jamie's changes in appearance were subtle. It took time for the hormones to create the masculine changes he desired. lgbtq community After the first year of treatment, Jamie was pleased to see changes appearing in his face. transitioning hormone therapy "My face started to get longer and I lost the chubby cheeks." he says. testosterone treatment His nose began to take on a different shape and his features became stronger and more predominant. gay lesbian trans queer questioning "I was waiting for it once I first started getting a couple of chin hairs." Jamie explains. "It was really exciting." t blockers puberty After three years, the facial hair that Jamie had hoped for began to emerge. And once it started, it did not stop! before and after transition After a three year journey, Jamie is finally where he wants to be! He started at 18 and is now a happy, healthy and successful 21-year-old man who is ready to take on the world. He decided to dress in the same outfit he wore when he started his treatment in order in compare. Watch Jamie's series of selfies (over 1,400!) in this incredible video. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93Tqo6tAPJg[/embed] "My whole family and my girlfriend [Shaaba] have just been really supportive and really excited for me because of the changes. I told my mom first and then she told my dad and brother and they've all just been really great with it. My mom thinks this was always how I was supposed to be. She doesn't feel like she's lost a daughter, because I'm the same person to her – I'm still her child, but now I'm just her son." Jamie says. girls to men tv series "Patience is your best friend with transitioning and it's good to surround yourself with a community or friends and family that will support you – either online or in real life." he says to those who are looking to transition. "Ask questions of people who've already gone through it. It feels like it takes ages for things to start happening but then when it does start, everything changes really quickly. Now people are surprised when I tell them I'm trans. I had a job interview recently and when I told them they thought I was going to transition from male to female!" What are your thoughts on Jamie's journey? Share your own stories in the comments below! Source: Distractify Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_112632" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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