30 Day BodyRock Challenge: Day #19 & Day #20

1620405_10152168083652349_169744066_n Day #19 Today marks 2 days after giving birth. We left the hospital today around noon with our newest addition! I must say, I absolutely in love with this little angel that I have created. I never knew a love like this existed! I feel pretty great, but am lacking a bit energy due to late night feedings and tending to a newborn. For my diet today, I ate room service for breakfast and lunch at the hospital before we left, but once I got home, I finally got back on track with my BodyRock recipes! Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal with raisins mixed in. I also had a side of fresh fruit (a peach). Lunch: Roast beef sandwich on wheat bread with a side of sweet potato fries and fresh fruit (apple). Dinner: My husband used the BodyRock recipe guide to make nutritionist Ciara Foy's Mediterranean Baked Salmon with a side salad and brown rice-he did a great job and I must say that I enjoyed sitting back while he cooked! As for my workouts, my doctor has given me specific instructions to not do anything for the first two weeks to allow my uterus (and body) to heal properly. When I get to that point, I plan on doing some light walking and possibly light jogging if my body allows. Then at my 6 week appointment, I will be given the clear to resume my normal activity! I have included BodyRock into my postpartum diet & fitness plans and I cannot wait to transform my body! Day #20 It is so nice to be back at home where I can make my own meals to finish out the 30 Day BodyRock Challenge. Although, I won't be able to complete any activity for the rest of the challenge, I do plan to make most of it by taking full advantage of the BodyRock recipes that nutritionist Ciara Foy has conjured up! I truly believe that it is indeed 80% diet and 20% exercise-at least that has been what has worked for me in the past. Therefore, I will be making my diet as clean as possible by sticking to the plan 100%. I actually do plan on using these awesome recipes throughout my postpartum transformation. Although I am resting, I am resuming light activities such as housework only; just to get some type of movement! My diet was as follows: Breakfast: Flour-less pancakes with fresh fruit on top Lunch: Goat Cheese Apple & Walnut Salad with Chicken Dinner: Steak, Kale, & Rosemary Sweet Potato Chips Snacks: Mid-morning snack was hummus with baby carrots. Mid-noon snack was the Pumpkin Pie in a Glass Smoothie Since I am breastfeeding, I will have to recalculate my daily caloric intake in order to take in about 500 extra calories per day or so to compensate.    

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