30 Day Challange | Pamela: Day 5 - Chloe The Back Breaker

Chloe- Breaking backs since 2007Today is a rest day, and boy am I in need of a rest day! Today my dog jumped up on me when I wasn't expecting it and it threw me off balance... with my back problems, that caused instant nerve pain! So, I'm home from work today with my TENS machine on my lower back, and at the suggestion of Daily HIIT nutritionist Ciara Foy, I took a triple does of Omega-3s. I also put some magnesium oil on my muscles to see if that will help too. Anyway, on to my daily log!

The workout

Today is a rest day. I used my rest day to catch up on blogging and to clean my house. Did you know that heavy housework burns about 300 calories per hour! I must have burned 600 calories today!


Because of my back I hired a maid... I wish!

Food log


Coffee with a tablespoon of grass-fed gelatin


Spinach salad (raisins, pecans, Parmesan cheese and everything dressing) and chicken marinated in the everything dressing (this was so delicious and easy!)




Same as lunch... what can I say, when food is good, it's good!

The Numbers

It's time to report on how I'm doing on my goals for this challenge. I'll be updating them every rest day in lieu of posting workout modifications.
  • Number of days I workout: 4 out of 5
  • Number of minutes spent working out: 86 (I actually forgot to time my workouts from warm up through cool down, but I've now placed a very large sign in my workout room to remind me)
  • Number of days with no junk food: 5 of 5 (Also, no grains)

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