"30 Day Challenge" Day 0 - My breakup with the gym

Yup I am breaking up with the gym for the next 30 days and committing to nothing BUT this challenge! No gym, no running, no sprint & field work and no participation from me when I teach my fitness classes (unless I am doing my daily workout with them).
I will prove that you can reach your goals at home, NO GYM REQUIRED. No matter where your at.
Why? I have decided that it would not accurate to show my results of this challenge if I was also incorporating my current training schedule. I am going to use that extra time to prepare meals from the 30 day challenge as well as check in with you guys. I am scared of my commitment to track this everyday. Lets face it, life gets busy and we get frazzled. But I know that if all of you can commit to being uncomfortable and working out with us then I can commit to expressing how I feel everyday. My goal for today was to plan what I'm going to eat from some of the yummy recipes, go grocery shopping and prepare my snacks for the week. Everyday will be somewhat similar because that makes it easier to plan and shop for. Don't feel like you have to do this :)


Here are my numbers

Weight: 124 lbs Body fat: 23.2% (whoa) Shocked me but perfect place for me to start this challenge.

Here are my measurements

Right thigh/left: 19.5 in Left Arm/Right: 10.5 in Waist: 26 in Hips: 35 in Bust: never gonna change I am a lot more symmetrical than the last time I was measured and I made that one of my goals :) YAY! With that being said: eat, sleep and train well my friends. xoxoxo Britney   Remember, abs are made in the kitchen! So if you want to get the most out of this challenge, click here to get our exclusive 30 day challenge guide With it you get: > A complete meal plan (will gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan swap out options) > Your Challenge calendar > A portion control guide > An optional build-your-own meal plan > A full grocery list for the 30 days > Over 20 never before seen recipes Rita30dayCOVERlarge

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