30 Day Challenge - Day 1-5

The Daily Hiit 30 day Challenge was instantly intriguing to me. I love a good challenge and even though I am currently in the middle of another workout program I saw nothing wrong with adding the 30 day Challenge to my exercise repertoire. I love trying new fitness programs and was super excited for the 30 day Daily Hiit Challenge. Day1: This is it, the 30 day Challenge has started. 12 minutes of intense moves, starting with “Spiderman kick Throughs” a new move I had never done before and I enjoyed because I could feel it working immediately. This was a great workout to start out with because it showed me what I should expect in the next 30 days and I truly believe I can finish this challenge. It won’t be easy but that’s why it’s called a challenge. P.S: My abs were sore from rope rules…anyone else? Day 2: I enjoyed this workout because it was a full body workout; we worked everything doing burpees with sandbags, slide planks and even jumping rope. I love burpees, they work everything I want to improve, my abs and my butt. One move that works so many different areas of the body, the burpee is a power move. Even though this workout didn’t have many rounds it was very involved and I felt I had worked hard. Day 3: What?! Wow! Talk about catching fire…this workout kicked my butt! Out of the gates we were off, each move was cardio and strength packed. Even the instructor, who looks like she is in killer shape, had to stop a few times during "Double High Knees." Day 3 was no joke each move was intense and I was dripping sweat at the end of this workout. Two Thumbs up! Day 4: Started with a pep talk, a motivational intro to start the workout. This workout was easier for me than day 3; it started out pretty simple with some forward and backward lunges. The first round of this workout was easy to get through and I started to get a little cocky, but by the final round I was tired and felt I had gotten a good workout. Day 5: Rest Day!!! I’m pumped up that I made it through the first five days of the 30 day challenge. The rest day happened to fall on Sunday, which is my busiest and longest day at work, I was able to relax when I got home and let my muscles rest and regroup while I watched some football. Unfortunately my beloved 49ers lost to Seattle in a nail-biter finish otherwise my rest day would have been ideal.

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