30 Day Challenge: Day 1 ...and I am already tired

Okay...I'll admit it, I chickened out. This was supposed to be a video but I got nervous and decided to write a blog post; please be gentle. Thoughts on the workout: Holy shit! Melissa killed it in this workout. Toughest 12 minutes of the day. First, let me say, Melissa is lovely. She is beautiful as she is strong. The Spiderman whatevers kicked my ass and rope pulls were torture. My favorite part was the encouragement from the film crew. I love hearing her struggle and work through the pain. It was really motivating! Thoughts on my progress: I made it through round one and my body gave out. Now before you judge me understand that my day was jammed pack from 7:00 AM - 7:30 PM. Yesterday I did spin class at 5:45 AM and after I put in a full day at the office I ran almost 4 miles. Today I ran at lunch, worked, helped my child prep for her new ballet class and then went to TRX. By the time I got home for Bodyrock I was exhausted. I started but my body was limp...what a bummer. Lesson #1 of the 30 day challenge? Don't over-do it before the challenge starts. I will catch up on day two. Food: No time today - lots of water but no breakfast because I woke late. Cup of black coffee at the office. Spoonful of  peanut butter around 10:30 when I was dragging and some almonds and cranberries before my noon run. PB & J on Dave's Killer Bread and an apple for lunch. More cranberries and almonds for snack and a chicken burrito after TRX for dinner. I know, I know, its not ideal. Its going to take a couple of days to adjust - I am afraid I have over-scheduled myself this whole week and will have to play catch up this weekend. Here are my Day 1 pictures: IMG_3703 1IMG_3701 1 Lets get real for a moment. I am turning 32 in about 6 weeks and, at 5'1, I am 200 lbs. I think when I weighed in on Saturday at my gym I was 203 (water weight after a long run?). Over the last year I have taken baby steps making fitness a integral part of my life. I've lost about 30lbs but...the time came to step it up. Strength class and committing to half marathon this year. Starting with the 30 days challenge. Lets do this.

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