The 30 Day Challenge Day 1: The Pain...The Pain!

Thoughts: I loved the last challenge.  I admit I was daunted by the 40-60 minute workouts with that much skipping but I came to love them in an 'I know this is helping' kind of a way.  I did make it all the way through the last 30 day challenge which was a great achievement for me.  This round will be a little different because my husband is working a lot more so its me soloing it with daughter most of the week, fun but hard to workout.  I will either get up an hour earlier or I'll do it during her nap.  It is possible to workout with kids and to keep a regimen going. Today I worked out in the morning and the 12 minutes was perfect.  On the last round I modified the spider push ups and went down on my knees.  But I loved the workout and it really helped with my mood the rest of the day.  I did add in 40 weighted squats as my "bonus" round with 25 lbs so that I can continue to work my butt and legs. So modifications: I don't have the equalizer but to modify I'll either use the bench or the large dip station that we have in the garage.  It's basically the same thing...but not moveable.  I'm also a wimp at push ups.  I can get about 10-20 in before I can't do anymore so I move to my knees.  I always start out with the same exercise and push myself till I give out and then I modify.  It builds up strength over time.  I also don't have a sandbag but we do have the Gold's Gym free weights that you can change with a bar.  Those work just fine. share  

(If you're wondering about the owls in the daughter is crazy about owls...they have taken over our house.)

Food: I always eat breakfast before I workout.  There's something about the way my body functions that it needs a complete meal before a workout...otherwise I can barely get through it.  I'm following the Nutrition Guide as best I can and there's something about clean eating.  I always feel great and today I'm really needing that extra protein.  Today I ate really well and quit eating around 7 and now I'm just drinking my water. share Progress: So my goals...I've got big ones.  I really want to define my waist more and lose the fat that hasn't left since my pregnancy.  My but also looks weird in that photo...I think its the way I'm standing (if not well more squats for me).  I love my thighs but I'd like to tone them more.  I also want to really get in the habit of 5-6 meals a day with more veggies.  I'm also doing lemon, cucumber, and mint infused water to help get in as much water as possible.  I also want to get over my hurdle of "I can't do this."  So often I get hung up on what I can't do that I don't focus on what I can.  I always try and go into a workout like I'm going to kill it and that I'm a bada**.  It definitely helps.

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