30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 We have officially finished one third of the 30 Day Challenge. Give yourself a pat on the back because you have stuck with a workout plan for 10 days straight and that means you are in it to win it. Today’s workout was simple for me to complete, I enjoyed each move especially “Plank, elbow, arms” I hadn’t done a plank move like that before and I liked it. I also love “Frog Jumps,” I think they are a great cardio move and fun too. What I love about the 30 Day Challenge is there is so much support from the DailyHiit and Bodyrock.TV, if you are having a hard time sticking with the workout you can go online and read someone’s blog or reach out to one of the instructors. You are not alone, so many people are on the same journey you are. I am a featured blogger for the DailyHiit but I actually heard about the 30 Day Challenge from my best friend who had signed up early for it. I thought if we did it together we would motivate each other to keep going and not give up. That is exactly what has happened, we discuss the workout everyday and what we plan to eat for the day. Something interesting has happened since we have been doing the Challenge together, we have been telling all our other friends what we are doing and people are truly inspired and interested in joining the Challenge for themselves. We also learned that a lot of our friends have their own fitness regimens and when we are done with the Challenge we are starting a running group with a few of them. It’s nice to know that other people are passionate about fitness too. I’m ready for day 11; I know it’s going to be a challenging workout but I’m ready.  

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