30 Day Challenge Day 11: My legs are on fire

Thoughts: You know I thought my legs were pretty strong and that I could handle 12 minutes of, mostly, leg work.  As it turns out...today they feel like jelly.  It was the side lunge with a squat and then the jump squat that was the killer.  I started with 15 lbs but couldn't finish with it during the second round.  I am not embarrassed at all to admit it.  Today my inner thighs are still feeling like jelly and its great that Day 12 is a rest day cause I'm going to need it.  I am planning a walk with my daughter, though, as long as its not too cold.  Just something to keep me active. Food: I've been eating the same breakfast for about a month now.  The pumpkin granola parfait.  Yum.  I also have three slices of veggie bacon, it only comes in at 90 calories and they are delicious.  Morning Star Farms people, its where its at.  So lunch today is going to be the fruit and vegetable fiesta salad and a tilapia pita.  Then for dinner brussel sprouts galore with some poulet roti (roast chicken a la Julia Child). Progress: Every day that I continue in the challenge I feel my mind getting stronger.  I'm happy to be hiiting every single day of the challenge and it makes me feel great to know that while others may be slowly peeling off...I'm still going.  I've also seen that my body is requiring more stretching, more water, and has a greater desire for veggies.  All in all...I have to say, great challenge.

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