30 Day Challenge Day 11 Lower Body is Jelly!

Day11   Melissa sure brought it again today! Just when I think she can't possibly top the previous workout, she does! The Burpee Roll Outs were fun. I enjoy the jumps she throws into her workouts. The weighted Side Lunges with a Jump Squat were strenuous after the first exercise with the Squat in between. My legs were begging for a rest, but no, there is another Squat with the Dragon Walk. Those were super challenging, because my room is SO tiny that I could only do two and then had to turn around. Yes, I could have moved into my hallway, but we have an International student staying with us, and I feel kind of weird doing a Dragon Walk half naked up and down my hallway. I'm pretty sure I would frighten the poor boy. Could you imagine the stories he would bring back to China with him?! We Canadians would have a pretty strange reputation! I loved the Ab Crunch and Reach. I just love ab work. Today is another quick post. My 7 year old has a soccer game in half an hour and I still have to eat and shower. Have a great weekend! Photo on 14-01-25 at 9.22 AM #2   Gratitudes: Love, laughter, good friends

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