30 Day Challenge Day 12: Hurray for a rest!!

I am actually resting today.  My body needs it.  I can feel my legs just begging to be stretched out and just go for a nice long walk.  Its incredibly easy to fall into the trap of thinking that skipping a rest day is going to help you get results quicker...but it won't.  What happens during a workout is that your muscles get microscopic tears in them.  The rest period is the time during which your body repairs all those tears and that is what creates muscle growth.  Incidentally, stretching also creates the same tears which is why stretching after a workout actually increases your overall muscle growth more than not stretching at all.

So while I am resting from an actual Hiit workout, I am still a mom and I am still going to be active.  Those with toddlers know that the running around never really stops.  You don't ever really get a 'rest' day.  Add in chores around the house and you end up with a pretty active day.

So for all of you mommy-rockers and daddy-rockers out there, take your little ones for a walk today.  Take them to feed the ducks or explore a new part of your city.  My husband and I have made the outdoors and exercise part of our daughter's life since she was born-if you instill it early it will come naturally for them.  Its a fantastic gift.

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