30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 Here we are on day 13, we are so close to being half way done with this Challenge! Today was a great day for me in my career because I am an on-camera host and I spent the whole day doing what I love. It gave me the energy to take on this workout and work it extra hard. Today's workout was a mixture of strength and ab work. I love doing side plank, I feel strong when I do it and I can see my oblique muscles while I’m doing it so I know it’s working. Shoulder taps in plank is another move I am fond of having done it in the Asylum workout program. I have to say today's Challenge was one of my favorite days so far, it may have had something to do with the fact I am excelling in other aspects of my life but I felt it was the perfect workout after a rest day. Have you ever noticed how when you are in a good mood you workout harder and better? I feel like I have done a 180 degree change from day 11. On day 11 I was burnt out and tired. This is why rest days are so important they give you a day to rest and rejuvenate and when you come back the next day you are ready to take on anything. I like how this Challenge rotates trainers each day, Rita then Melissa, each day the moves are different and so is the trainer. I could never get tired of this Challenge because it is always something new and fun. It seems each Challenge day focuses on cardio or strength, so today was strength, which means tomorrow, is CARDIO… with Melissa. That means I’m going to get my booty kicked tomorrow. Until tomorrow stay strong and stay fit!

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