30 Day Challenge Day 14 We are halfway there!

Day 14! Wow! High five everyone for making it this far! What were your thoughts on the dance and yoga? I love both dance and yoga, so it was a pleasant surprise for me. What wasn't surprising was my inability to follow the dance moves. Try as I might, I just couldn't get it down. Sometimes I wish I had a camera filming me just so I could have a good laugh at myself :D I need a very repetitive, only a couple of steps introduced at a time, in ultra slow motion for me to put it together. I did enjoy it though, and just ended up breaking into freestyle dance moves at the end. Yoga is my first love. I wasn't active as a young person, mainly because I was so ultra shy and worried about making a fool of myself. When I was 19 I came across a flyer for yoga on my lunch break. The teacher was teaching in a hall just down the road from me, and it was only $5 drop in, so I thought I would give it a shot. This was back before yoga studios, or yoga mats, and when it was affordable to take a class. She suggested I bring a towel or small blanket. After an hour of stretching and strengthening postures I floated out of that class. My body felt taller and lighter, and my mind more focused and peaceful. From that day I was hooked! I don't practice often now, but when I do, I always question why it is that I am not practicing. Especially when I think of the slouchy shoulders, tight hip flexors and neck pain. Don't get me wrong, my body also likes to be worked hard. I like to move and sweat. I also recognize the benefit of balance. Thank you DailyHiit for reminding me to find balance in my workouts. Photo on 14-01-28 at 7.57 AM #2

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