30 Day Challenge: Day 15

Day 15 We officially made it halfway through the 30 Day Challenge, give yourself a high-five. I knew Melissa was going to bring it, I thought it was going to be yesterday but it was today instead. Each move toady was super intense and by the third round I was dripping with sweat. Yesterday I sort of pulled a muscle in my upper back so it was bothering me today but it wasn’t too painful so I was able to complete this workout. My favorite move today was the Krav Burpees, what a great move and I loved the punching part I was able to get out all my pent up aggression. This move also inspired me to want to try Krav Maga someday. This workout was also a killer upper body and ab workout with 3D push-ups and 2x V-ups, I mean talk about six-pack. I’m sweating just thinking about those moves. This workout was one of the toughest workouts to date and I really enjoyed it. I’m interested on how everyone is feeling on Day 15? Are you seeing changes in your body? Are you sticking to the meal plan? Are you going to finish this Challenge? Those are some of the questions I have been asking myself daily just to check in with myself and note my results I have stopped eating sugar while on doing this Challenge and I have been seeing changes in my body. My abs are more defined and I feel stronger than I did 15 days ago. Keeping away from sugar has been hard at times especially at night when I crave desserts and chocolate. I am staying strong and having a 30 day goal is extremely helpful for me. Tomorrow is day 16 and that is a huge triumph in itself.  

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