30 day challenge: Day 15- #100ornothing

YES YES YES this workout felt amazing! I loved the energy and punching my floor released so much tension. Give your 100 percent or don't bother, you are cheating yourself. #100ornothing Of course I would rather you do "something" over nothing BUT if you get what you put in. Today started off early and ended late; I'm writing this at 12:30 Am. I knew I was going to have a packed day so I planned ahead and brought extra snacks with me, thank goodness. Before I left my house I knocked out my workout, ate a full breakfast and I actually dressed up today! I am always wearing my Nike's so its nice to dust some cobwebs off my clothes. School was amazing, I love being able to share stories with others. You never know when your story might help someone else through life. I taught my class tonight and put them through a workout called "Lucky 7" 14 minutes- 10/50 sec
  • Squat jump/leg lift (you know this)
  • Jump lunge or alternating lunges
  • 3D pushup(you know this)
  • alternating toe touch crunchies
  • one leg butt lift(r/l)
20140130_090255   I am still making progress with you guys! This is still exciting for me because not only did I start my journey with you guys but I am also breaking through alot of fitness stereotypes. Still getting fit with 12 minutes a day. Bam

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